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Perpetual A5 Calendar Sheets

Perpetual A5 Calendar Sheets

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12 months worth of nature and colour filled designs in a cute and easy to use A5 size. 

Designed to be pinned to cork boards, stuck with washi tape or simply propped up to use. 

These calendar sheets are perfect for:

  • university rooms
  • office spaces
  • flatlay photography
  • planning addicts
  • any space that you can't hang a normal calendar.

As the sheets are perpetual you can start using them at any time.

  • Designed by Becky Woolley - Daffodowndilly.
  • Professionally printed in England on a premium gorgeously thick 225gsm paper.
  • 14 sheets - 12 calendar sheets, 1 front and 1 back cover.
  • Supplied unbound as sheets.


  • January - Blackcap - These beautiful birds are usually a Summer visitor to the UK, although some now stay all year round. They have a beautiful song and the Male has a black cap (hence their name) and the female has a chestnut one.

  • February - Wood Pigeon - A familiar sight and sound throughout the UK, their startled expression and beautiful colouring make them a favourite of many people.
  • March - Great Tits and Birdbox - March is the start of the nesting season for many garden birds.

  • April - Nuthatch - Such beautiful sleek birds with a lovely feather combination of muted colours.

  • May - Daisies - The ever cheerful common daisy, who else made daisy chains as a child?

  • June - Bottlenose Dolphin - To cope with our cold UK waters the dolphins around our shore are actually  the biggest Bottlenose dolphins in the World.

  • July - Fossil Beach - Inspired by hours spent looking for fossils on Charmouth beach.

  • August - Great Tits - The largest of UK Tit species. The males have a wider black strip down their bellies than the females.

  • September - Hedgehog - A perfect friend for anyone trying to grow vegetables or flowers in their gardens, hedgehogs mainly eat slugs, beetles and other invertebrates. These beloved mammals are now on the IUCN Red List for British Mammals and classed as vulnerable to extinction.

  • October - Brambles - Brambles are actually a member of the rose family and provides cover, shelter and food for a huge range of birds and animals. Loved for its creamy white flowers and delicious blackberries.

  • November  - Sparrows - An instantly recognisable garden bird and always a delight to see. Numbers of these personality packed birds have dropped dramatically over the last years and the sparrow is now classified as Red status on the Birds of Conservation Concern list.

  • December - Robin - The UK's favourite bird and always a nearby companion to gardeners digging in the garden.
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