About Me

I'm Becky and I create, design or make all the things in Daffodowndilly. 

Based in beautiful Shropshire, I design and make greeting cards, hand bound notebooks, organic cotton printed T-shirts, enamel and wooden lapel pins, stickers and positivity postcards as well as cross stitch patterns and jewellery kits.

All my designs are inspired by positivity, the natural world and the joy of having a good laugh with friends. I also love black cats, cuddling dogs and the joy of watching the rain while sipping a hot drink.


The name Daffodowndilly comes from an old Shropshire word for Daffodils and as they are one of my favourite spring flowers it seemed a perfect choice!

I can be found on Instagram or Facebook as @daffodowndilly or use my contact form on here if you want to get in touch.