About Me

I'm Becky and I make/design all the things in Daffodowndilly. Things such as notebooks, cards, writing paper, enamel and wooden pins, keyrings and organic cotton t-shirts.

All my designs are inspired by positivity, the natural world and the joy of having a good laugh with friends.

A bit about me:

  • I'm from Shropshire, sandwiched between Wales and the West Midlands.
  • I Love all the arts - if it's to do with music, theatre, art or the written word - I'm in! I'm also a lifelong Shakespeare fan.
  •  I also love fossils, the natural world and geology - my degree subject was natural science and I love popping little fossils in my designs whenever I can!
  •  I'm happiest outdoors, especially if there is a festival or outdoors theatre going on too.


The name Daffodowndilly comes from an old Shropshire word for Daffodils and as they are one of my favourite spring flowers it seemed a perfect choice!

I can be found on Instagram or Facebook as @daffodowndilly or use my contact form on here if you want to get in touch.