About Me


About Daffodowndilly

Daffodowndilly is an indie stationery shop and makes things like notebooks, writing paper, cards, gift notes and calendars as well as enamel and wooden brooch pins, keyrings and bag charms.

Everything in Daffodowndilly is designed by Becky and is inspired by the natural world, colour and finding the joy in the little things.

All the stationery and accessories are made/printed in England and anything Becky can’t make herself in-house is made for her in Britain by another small to medium company.

Daffodowndilly's aims are to spread a little nature love and to provide some colourful stationery to help people connect and rediscover the joy of written communication!


About Becky

  • I'm from Shropshire, sandwiched between Wales and the West Midlands.
  • I Love all the arts - if it's to do with music, theatre, art or the written word - I'm in! I'm also a lifelong Shakespeare fan.
  • I'm always happiest outdoors, my illustrations and designs are inspired by the natural world and finding the joy in the little things. I also love fossils, nature, listening to live music and playing the violin.


How Daffodowndilly Started


  • The name Daffodowndilly comes from an old Shropshire word for Daffodils and as they are one of my favourite spring flowers it seemed a perfect choice to name my little stationery shop. 
  • Although I've always enjoyed being creative (and collecting and using stationery) I had no plans or dreams about starting something like Daffodowndilly until 2017. My dreams before then were actually more based on fossils and geology which is also a big passion of mine. 
  • However in 2017 I started making some little semi-precious bead jewellery kits and cross stitch kits to sell. I found that while I really enjoyed making the designs, I equally loved creating the stationery and packaging to go with the kits.
  • By 2018 I thought it might be a nice idea to design some cards to go alongside the kits and make them little easy and sweet bundle gifts. So I created a range of around 12 initial, very basic cards. It was such an amazing feeling to receive these first cards back from the printers and to my relief they went down pretty well and I was able to gradually increase my range.
  • In 2019 I bought a second hand wire notebook binder and started to experiment with making wire bound notebooks with my designs on the front. I love the process and the machine, even if it is a little temperamental at times!
  • By the end of 2019 Daffodowndilly had branched out into gift notes, writing paper notebooks, cards and postcards.


2020 – 2022

  • During these years everything was understandably very different, very sad and very scary but something I do look back on fondly is the wonderful community of creators and makers I started to become part of.
  • Although we were in lock down for much of this period I was still able to run Daffodowndilly. I found that many people were actually buying more from micro businesses during the lockdown than before and this enabled me to increase Daffodowndilly’s range to include enamel pins, wooden pins, wooden keyrings, calendars and stickers.
  • I was particularly overjoyed with being able to create the pin brooches as they were something I had always personally loved buying and wearing from various indie makers and so having the chance to make pin brooches myself was unbelievably exciting. It was made all the more wonderful because the small family company who make the pins for me, use traditional methods to make them in the heart of Birmingham’s jewellery quarter.
  • 2022 was also the year I really started properly attending more artisan markets with Daffodowndilly and found I loved this side of the business too.

2023 and 2024 Onwards

  • 2023 - new markets, new notebooks, bag charms and the amazing opportunity to have Daffodowndilly products in the wonderful Rose Paterson Gallery at Weston Park.
  • So far in 2024 - Bookmarks, markets, new designs and a chance to sell Daffodowndilly on the Cre8kits stall at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival craft market in August.


I can be found on Instagram or Facebook as @daffodowndilly or use my contact form on here if you want to get in touch.