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Gift Notes Seconds Pack - set of 20 sheets

Gift Notes Seconds Pack - set of 20 sheets

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Gift Notes Seconds Pack - set of 20 sheets

Unfortunately part of running a stationery shop is that you sometimes end up with a lot of seconds quality sheets with minor printing marks or bent corners but that are otherwise perfectly fine to use.  So I have packaged them into larger bundles with a significant discount so they can find good homes and be used!

This set contains 20 seconds quality (random selection) gift notes that might have:

- bent corners
- printing marks or errors
- shadowing from other designs that have imprinted slightly onto other sheets
- other minor damage

They are otherwise lovely to use and are perfect for using as gift tags or for including a message with posted gifts.

 Dimensions - A6 size (10.5cm x 15cm)

Each set contains a random selection of designs and you might sometimes get a multiples of some designs included in the set although this will usually be a maximum of 3 of the same design.

The range of designs in the set might include birds, animals, food and drink, patterns and positive messages. The second image shows a sample of some of the designs you might receive.

All of these gift notes are designed and illustrated  by Becky Woolley - Daffodowndilly and have been printed in the UK on a luxury thick 100% recycled bright white paper.

Please note that since the paper is recycled there may be some flecks and fibres visible, this is a feature of recycled paper and adds to the charm.

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