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Frog and Toad Envelope Stickers - Set of 6

Frog and Toad Envelope Stickers - Set of 6

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Frog and Toad Envelope Sticker Set

Each set contains six 22mm x 22mm (stamp sized) square mini stickers, the perfect size to stick on or seal greeting card envelopes to make them extra special.

Use them to:

  • Stick on to greeting card envelopes.
  • Decorate letters and envelopes.
  • Brighten journals and notebooks.
  • Personalise phone or laptop cases.

Printed in the UK from scratch resistant vinyl from original designs by Becky Woolley - Daffodowndilly.

Designs - 6 stickers altogether with 3 stickers each of the two designs:

  • Frog 
  • Toad

    Price is per 1 set of 6 stickers.

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