What were your favourite designs and products in the 2nd quarter of 2022?

Becky Woolley

I love seeing what your favourite designs and products are each month and how that changes through the year and I thought you might be interested to see too! 

I'm going to split the year into quarters so this post will cover April, May and June 2022 - i.e. the second quarter.


So here are the stats:

Most popular product types this quarter: Stickers, bag charms, gift notes and notebooks.


Most popular individual products this quarter: Hedgehog bag charm and Great Tit bag charm.

 great tit bag charm keyring by daffodowndilly


Most popular designs overall this quarter: Fossil Beach and Goldfinches


Busiest month for sales this quarter: April

Quietest month for sales this quarter: June


New products added this quarter: Bag charms



Different product ranges bought within this quarter: 6 (gift notes, notebooks, stickers, writing paper sets, bag charms and milestone sheets)

 baby milestone sheets by daffodowndilly


Thank you for reading! I hope you've enjoyed seeing my stats for this last quarter and I'm looking forward to comparing the designs and products you've chosen this time with next quarter's stats.

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