What’s new about the notebooks?

Becky Woolley

If you’ve bought a notebook from me recently or followed me on Instagram then you will probably have seen that I decided to change the wires that I use to bind the notebooks.

For the A6 notebooks I am increasing from a wire size 8 to a 9 and for the A5 notebooks I am increasing from a size 8 to a 12. 

So this means that the A5 notebooks have a lovely extra wide binding while the A6 notebooks are wider but still slim enough to slip into your bag. 

I decided to make the changes now for 3 main reasons:

  1. I personally like a roomy notebook style for A5 notebooks with a bigger wire and the journal style fits particularly well for what I’m trying to create with my books so it seemed a good direction to take.
  2. Some people mentioned that they like to carry a pen or pencil inside the wire binding and that the old wire wasn’t wide enough to slide anything inside. The new wire size in the A5 notebooks should be now wide enough to fit even quite a chunky pen while the size increase in the A6 notebook’s wire should fit a slim biro. I decided not to increase the A6 notebook wire as much as the A5’s because the smaller notebooks are usually used for portable notes and kept in a bag with us so they still needed to be quite slim.
  3. It used to be very difficult to get hold of the larger wires without huge cost, it is still more expensive but there are now more possibilities than there used to be and this makes sourcing the larger wires easier.

So here is a comparison between the old and the new look of the notebooks:

A6 notebook with the old size wire:

New A6 notebook with the wider wire:
This is the old wire size for the A5 notebooks:
and this is the new much wider and stronger wire for the A5 notebooks:
I love the look of the new wires and I hope you do too!
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