Things to Love About April

April sometimes gets a bit of a bad reputation for being the rainy grey month between the two Spring extremes but there are actually lots of reasons that April is a lovely Month.

After a bit of research I split what I found into 3 sections:

The first section is “things to love about April”, second is "Important dates in April" and then third is "Things to do or take part in during April".

I've also created a little Daffodowndilly gift guide of Easter treats to give instead of chocolate, you can find the guide at the end of this blog post.


Muscari - © Becky Woolley 2022


Things to Love About April

  • So many flowers and plants start to bloom.
  • You might be able to see Earthshine. Earthshine is when you can see the unlit part of the moon and it is especially easy to see during April and May, a few days before and after a new moon.
  • The freshness of the plant life with all those April showers.
  • The dawn chorus is so beautiful in April and it makes those early morning starts a little more welcome.
  • April showers - I actually really like the general April pattern of hot sun and sudden short rain showers (as long as I have my coat!) The smell afterwards is lovely and you can just feel the plants loving the combo.
  • Baby birds - lots of birds will either be nesting or starting so there will soon be lots of twittering and fluttering from fledglings.


Spring Bouquet A5 Print by Daffodowndilly


Important Dates in April

  • 1st April - April Fools Day
  • 2nd April - Ramadan begins
  • 2nd April - World Autism Awareness Day
  • 14th April - St Tiburtius' Day - When cuckoos traditionally start to sing.
  • 15th April - Passover begins 
  • 15th April - Good Friday
  • 16th April - April's full moon
  • 17th April - Easter Sunday
  • 18th April - Easter Monday
  • 21st April - World Creativity and Innovation Day
  • 23rd April - St George's Day (England)
  • 23rd April - Start of British Asparagus Season
  • 23rd April - Talk like Shakespeare Day
  • 23rd April - World Book Night

April is also Poetic Earth Month and National Poetry Month.


Spring Crocus - Photo © Becky Woolley


Free Things to Do in April

  • Look at the full moon on the 16th of April - this month's full moon is known as the budding moon, pink moon, new shoots moon and seed moon.
  • Listen out for the first cuckoo of the month.
  • See if you can spot your first swallow of the year.
  • Go for a walk somewhere green to enjoy some stress relieving Spring natural beauty. Look for primroses, sweet violets, lesser celandine, forget me nots, snakes head fritillary and the green shoots that herald the beginning of bluebell season.
  • Have a go at writing a poem for National Poetry Month.


Sweet Treats From Daffodowndilly
To Give At Easter Instead Of Chocolate



Spring Bouquet A6 Notebook - £5

A cheer bringing vase filled with daffodils and grape hyacinth. Perfect for Spring notes.



 Bluetit hard enamel brooch - £9.50

We are lucky enough to have a lot of Bluetits in our garden and their antics on the bird feeder and in the trees always make me smile. A lovely gift for a birdlover.



 Blackbird and a Birdbox A6 Notebook - £5

A perfect notebook for Spring, featuring a blackbird perched on a bright birdbox.



Wren Wooden Keyring - £6.50 

I love these beautiful tiny little birds with their elephant-sized personalities. A sweet little Easter gift.



 Floral Positive Reminder Envelope Stickers - Set of 6 - £1.80

Each set contains six 22mm x 22mm (stamp sized) square mini stickers, the perfect size to stick on or seal greeting card envelopes to make them extra special.



Cowslips and Primroses A5 Notebook - £8

Inspired by these beautiful plants that bring so much brightness to early Spring.



 Goldfinch Hard Enamel Brooch - £9.50

Inspired by watching goldfinches in my garden and the flashes of gold when they fly. A sweet Spring treat for a bird lover.


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely April filled with lots of brilliant memories. I'd also love to hear if you have tried any of the things in this blog post.

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