The Random Acts of Kindness Market - 2023

Becky Woolley

I’ll be taking part in the Random Acts of Kindness online market again this year on the 17th of February and I thought it would be good to explain a little about the market and how it works.


What is the random acts of kindness market?

This lovely online market works a little differently to many online markets in that the whole idea is to choose a gift to send directly to someone who might need a bit of cheering up or just because you want to brighten their day.

These gifts are lovely for:

  • Sending to a friend who is finding the cold and gloomy days in February a bit tough.
  • Sending to cheer up someone who has been poorly.
  • Just to say you’re thinking of someone.
  • Sending as a little treat.

The market was created by Pedddle to coincide with Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th February, the whole week from 13th to the 19th of February is also known as Kindness Week) and will be hosted on the creative event platform Tresstle.

There is a whole market-full of wonderful gift options to choose from, all from makers and small indie businesses. Each business has created a different gift set featuring one of their products or pieces that has been gift wrapped and then a little note they will hand write with a message from you.

Packing and postage costs are included in the price from each small business so it can be sent directly to your friend or family member.


How does the market work?

 The market will be online and available to shop on the 17th of February between 

You can visit through this link on the day -

I’ll also be sharing the link on social media on the day too.

Once you visit the market you’ll see a wonderful variety of different makers, artists and small businesses with their chosen gift options. 

Have a browse through and once you see one you are interested in then you can click on the 'Shop now' button below their name and it will take you to their product option to browse and shop.


What is Daffodowndilly’s gift option for the market?

If you clicked on my gift option - decide whether you want to send one of the bag charms, enamel pins or wooden pins.

This gives you the chance to choose from a variety of different designs including:

  • Persevere enamel brooch
  • Black cats are always lucky enamel brooch
  • Puffin enamel brooch
  • Collie wooden brooch
  • Great tit wooden brooch
  • Jenny wren wooden brooch
  • Hedgehog wooden brooch
  • Each dawn is a fresh start wooden brooch
  • Powered by tea bag charm keyring
  • Powered by coffee bag charm keyring
  • Each dawn is a fresh start bag charm keyring
  • Great tit bag charm keyring
  • Hedgehog bag charm keyring
  • Robin bag charm keyring

 So hopefully there will be something that is perfect for the person you have in mind.

You can visit my gift option directly here 


Wooden Brooch Pins 

Enamel Brooch Pins


Bag charm keyrings 


What my gift set contains:

- Your choice of 'gift' - choose one option from the selection - this includes my enamel pin brooches, wooden pin brooches or bag charm keyrings.

- The gift is then wrapped in my lovely recycled blue tissue paper and tied with cotton striped twine.

- The set also contains a little note I'll handwrite with a message from you to the recipient. The message will be written on one of my gift notes, with the gift note design choice being tailored to the gift you have chosen.

1st class large letter postage, wrapping and packing are included in the cost.

Important information

The finished and packaged gift set will be sent directly to the recipient so please make sure to include their name and address as the shipping/delivery address (please double check it is correct). Your address should go in the billing address section.

You need to add the message you would like me to write and send to your friend or family member in the "special instructions for seller" box at the checkout. (Please don't include insults, profanities or offensive language in your message, if you do your order will be sent without a message).

The Random Acts of Kindness market is on the 17th February 2023 - 


I hope this has all made sense! Hopefully see you at the market on the 17th and if you have any questions then either send them in by contact form or via social media.

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