January Self Care and Treat Guide

Becky Woolley

(Updated for 2023)

As it’s January and therefore dark and freezing, I thought I'd make a little self care guide for you to have a browse through, filled with positivity, things that are great about January, mood boosting things to do this month and self care treats from myself and other small indie businesses.

The first section is filled with a little list of all the things that make January actually a positive month rather than its current image of the gloomy and anticlimactic month after December. The second section has some suggestions to mood boosting activities you can take part in this month. The third section has things I'm loving this month and the fourth section is filled with little self care treats.



Things to love about the month of January 

  • The days are getting longer and lighter again.
  • Snowdrops will start to pop up everywhere.
  • It is National Hot Tea Month.
  • On January the 4th it will be the Earth’s perihelion which is when the Earth passes at its closest point to the sun.
  • This month also sees the return of the Quadrantid Meteor shower which peaks in Early January. 
  • The Wolf Moon - On January 6th the full moon will be called the Wolf Moon. This is thought to stem from the fact that historically wolves used to howl more during this month.


Things to do or take part in during January

  • Start learning a new skill or hobby - while the nights are cold and dark it is the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa and learn something you have always wanted to try.
  • Go for a frosty walk - there is something so satisfying about crunching through frosty grass while being wrapped up warm. Although with all the mild weather at the moment it might be more of a soggy walk!
  • Celebrate St Hilary’s Day on the 13th, which is traditionally considered the coldest day of the year, by having an evening at home filled with all the warmest and cosiest things you can think of, preferably with hot sticky puddings, blankets and music.
  • Take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch survey run by the RSPB on the 27th January. You can take part in your own garden or a park nearby.
  • Go on a Snowdrop walk/trail later in January - If you don’t have any growing nearby then many parks or National Trust gardens will have lots of snowdrops you can enjoy.
  • Look for meteors on a clear, dark night by wrapping up in a blanket outside with a hot drink.


Things I'm loving this month

  • The Deliciously Ella app  - As well as the delicious recipes on the app I'm also loving the quick guided videos that show you things like how to do a 5 minute mini energising morning face massage, a 10 minute calm and reset routine or a mini 5 minute soothing hand reflexology video. They feel like a lovely little treat to fit into the day and I love the guided morning face massage videos at the moment as they are just five minutes long but make me feel much more awake when it is cold and dark outside. 

  • Cushy Paws rainbow decoration - I bought a lovely fabric rainbow from Grace in 2020 and it has hung on the inside door latch of the front door ever since, it never fails to make me smile when I see it. Especially during a cold, dark month like January.

 Cushy Paws Rainbow Decoration - £6.00


 Small Business Self Care Treats



Nature and positivity inspired stationery and accessories designed in Shropshire by me. My range includes enamel and wooden brooches, cards, notebooks, writing paper sets, prints and keyrings. 

Visit the Daffodowndilly shop page here

Persevere hard enamel lapel pin by daffodowndilly

Persevere Hard Enamel Lapel Pin - £9.50

This design was inspired by the strength and perseverance of snowdrops to push through the snow in late Winter and bloom year after year. I wanted to make a pin that represented that strength of spirit and the joy of reward after challenge.


Each Dawn is a fresh start hard enamel lapel pin by daffodowndilly


Each Dawn is a Fresh Start Hard Enamel Lapel Pin - £9.50 

I wanted to create a pin to help us tell ourselves that if we've had a bad day at work, haven't managed to tick anything of that ToDo list or feel a bit overwhelmed with all the things we have to do, it is okay, it is just one day and that each dawn is a fresh start.

 Floral Positive Reminders Envelope Stickers - Set of 6 - £1.80 for a set of 6

 A set of positive reminder mini stickers to stick on and brighten envelopes, devices, notebooks and letters.


Sister Sister Designs

- Sarah is a Shropshire illustrator who converts her digitally drawn designs into very cute and fabulous pins, jigsaws, tea towels and ceramics. She has a twin sister and the name Sister Sister comes from when they used to paint and sell their own range of ceramics together. 

Visit Sister Sister Designs here


 Hug Pin by Sister Sister Designs - £7.99

This lovely pin is digitally drawn by Sarah and is then hand made into a pin using non toxic shrink plastic and then coated with clear resin with a butterfly clutch pin back. This design is also available in Welsh.



Sssshhh! 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Sister Sister Designs - £22.00

This brilliant jigsaw puzzle by Sister Sister Designs is produced in the UK from Sarah’s original design and is made from 100% recycled millboard which is printed using water based pigment inks. The jigsaw pieces come in a lovely cloth bag which is then protected inside a cardboard box. Featured in the design are Sarah’s own dog and cats as well as a gorgeously designed room filled with houseplants, furniture and books. A lovely way to unwind and relax your mind.



Snowdrop Pin by Sister Sister Designs - £7.99 

A lovely way to celebrate the very first stirrings of Spring in January - Snowdrops! This lovely pin is digitally drawn by Sarah and is then hand made into a pin using non toxic shrink plastic and then coated with clear resin with a butterfly clutch pin back.  


Little Black Cat Jewellery

- Kirsty designs and makes beautiful handcrafted silver Jewellery pieces such as rings, necklaces and bracelets. She has also recently appeared on Jewellery Maker UK on live TV leading brilliant tutorials She also has two very gorgeous black cats.

Visit Little Black Cat Jewellery


Handmade Sterling Silver Galaxy Fidget Spinner Ring - £69.00

A beautiful way to reduce anxiety and keep your hands busy. Fidget spinner rings are really two rings in one with a wider ring set below independently moving rings on top.


I Am Enough Sterling Silver Ring - £38

A lovely sterling silver reminder that you are enough!


Handmade Sterling Silver I Am The Storm - £31.50

An empowering sterling silver bracelet to remind you that “you are the storm”.


Bowler Bear Designs

- Simone is the Sticker Queen and makes stickers, stationery, digital downloads and accessories to boost your wellbeing and mindset.

As the Majority of Simone’s stickers and stationery are aimed at boosting your mindset I haven’t focussed on single products but included some examples instead. Her shop will open fully on the 28th of January but for now you can still download her digital products and subscribe to her Sticker Club.

Visit Bowler Bear Designs here



 Thank you for reading this mini January self care and treat guide and I hope it helps you in some way to have a lovely January filled with lots of  brilliant memories. I'd also love to hear if you have tried any of the things in this blog post!

Happy January to you all.


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A joy to read, helpful reccomendations and sharing beautiful work and friends, will love to follow you each month and build up my local gorgeous gifts for friends and self love. 💯💞🙏


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