Introducing the mini note writing paper sets

For one reason or another I’ve realised that I’ve never properly introduced the Mini Note Writing Paper Sets so I thought a post all about them might be a good place to start.



What are they?

The mini note writing paper sets are like a mini version of a normal A5 size writing paper set, with high quality 100% recycled white sheets of premium writing paper, printed in the UK with my illustrations. The envelopes that come with the set vary depending on the design between recycled white envelopes, premium white envelopes or kraft envelopes.


Each set has 6 x A6 size writing paper sheets (10.5cm x 15cm) and 6 x C6 size envelopes.


What’s their origin story?

The mini notes concept first came around after I had requests to add envelopes to the A6 size bumper gift note sets, they liked the mini size of the gift notes and thought they were perfect for sending shorter letters or notes.

So I thought I would make up some sets and see how people liked them. Luckily they went down well at the markets so they will be staying and expanding in the number of designs available!



How are they different from the larger writing paper sets?

Firstly they are a smaller - half the size in fact, the normal writing paper sets I originally made are A5 size and the mini notes are A6.

To help with the size difference the dimensions for the mini notes are:

  • The writing paper sheets - 10.5 x 14.8 cm
  • The C6 envelopes - 11.4 cm x  16.2 cm

While the dimensions for the A5 writing paper sets are:

  • A5 writing paper sheets14.8 x 21.0 cm
  • The C6 envelopes11.4 cm x  16.2 cm

Another difference is that to make these sets available at a lower price point there are 6 sheets and envelopes per set rather than the normal 8 sheets and envelopes in the A5 writing paper sets.


How are they similar to the A5 writing paper sets?

  • They are both printed on the same beautifully thick luxury 100% recycled white writing paper.

  • They both also feature the same designs, illustrated/designed by me. Just printed to a different size scale.

  • They also both have full C6 size envelopes.


fox and owl in the snow mini notes set, daffodowndilly


Ways to use your mini note sets

  •  For quick and easy little letters to friends and family.

  • To say thank you to someone.

  • To add to a present with a little message.

  • As a cute gift for a nature lover.

  • Gifts for letter writers


Thank you for reading about the mini notes! You can find the collection to browse through here .

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