Daffodowndilly's Inktober Posts for 2023

Like last year, there are a variety of brilliant sounding Inktober style prompt lists that sounded really interesting to try and draw this month so I decided to attempt prompts from a few different lists, choosing my favourite prompt each day.

Inktober is such a lovely way to try new things, practice and just have fun and not take anything too seriously.


Here's a collection of the prompt lists I'll be working from this year:











Daffodowndilly's Inktober Posts for 2023

Day 1 - Peachtober - Bee

Bee peachtober drawing by daffodowndilly
1st day of #peachtober23 - Bee.

I love all the types of bee but my favourites are always the impossibly fluffy bumble bees.

There are 24 species of bumble bee in the UK and both the Wildlife Trust and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust have brilliant photos and diagrams showing how to identify between them.


Day 2 - Peachtober - Cosmos

Day 2 of #peachtober - Cosmos


Day 3 - Peachtober - Sweet

Day 3 of #peachtober - Sweet

I've interpreted it as a sweet treat and drawn one of my favourite types of cake - Victoria sponge.

Swipe to see the full drawing and also the #peachtober2023 list of prompts.



Day 4 - Peachtober - Grub


Day 4 of #peachtober is Grub, so I've drawn chafer grubs (June Bug lavae).


Day 5 - Peachtober - Sprig

A late day 5 of #peachtober - Sprig, in this case a sprig of rosemary.


Day 6 - Peachtober - Eye

Day 6 of #peachtober - Eye.

I've gone with a hurricane eye or eye of the storm theme.


Day 7 - Forestober- Badger

I've switched to a #forestober prompt for today which is badger, so here's an autumnal badger against a golden sky.

Swipe to see the #forestober2023 prompt list.


Day 8 - Inktober- Toad


Today's drawing is from the #inktober prompt list for Day 8 - Toad.

Swipe to see the prompt list for #inktober23


Day 9 - Calmtober- Bird


Day 9 of #calmtober is Bird. So I decided to do a long tailed tit, I drew this last night and this morning there were about 7 of them in the birch tree next to our house! Always such a joy to watch.



Day 10 - Forestober- Insect


Day 10 #forestober prompt - insect. I decided to go for a Rosemary Beetle with their beautiful iridescent stripes.


Day 12 - Melotober- Brew

Day 12 of #melotober is Brew, so here are two friends with pretty mugs meeting for a brew and a chance to put the world to rights.


Day 14 - Melotober- Frog

Day 14 of #melotober - frog.


Day 15 - Peachtober - Weather


Day 15 of #peachtober - Weather.

So I've drawn a fox in a snowstorm.


Day 15 - Calmtober - Chestnuts

 A shiny conker still in its case for #calmtober 's day 17 prompt of chestnuts.

Have you seen any conkers around yet?


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