Daffodowndilly Inktober and Drawtober Designs 2022

Although in previous years I've stuck to just one prompt list for Inktober/drawtober, there were a variety of brilliant sounding  prompt lists that sounded good this year so I decided to attempt prompts from a few different lists, choosing my favourite prompt each day.

Here's a collection of the prompt lists I'll be working from this year:


 So here are my Inktober posts for 2022:


Day 1 - Snuck in with a late #inktober day 1 from @littlelion.arts #drawtober2022 - Moth



Day 2 - I'm going to do a bit of hopping around for this year's Inktober/Drawtober and choose my favourite prompts to do.

So the prompt I've worked to today is Dandelion from #peachtober22 by @furrylittlepeach .



Day 3 of #drawtober2022 by @littlelion.arts - Magpie 



Day 4 of Inktober and today's prompt is from #tinytober #seasaltober by @seasaltsketches and the prompt is ⭐Festive⭐. Swipe to see a close up and the prompt list.

So here's a Christmas wreath filled with berries rich smelling evergreens, white ceramic stars and dried orange slices.

Who else loves the smell of a handmade Christmas wreath? ♥️





Day 5 -  For day 5 of Inktober I've gone with the #calmtober prompt of Cottage by @inspiredbykriksis .

So here's a little crofters style cottage in Autumn.



 Day 6 -  Today’s prompt  - Tree, comes from @furrylittlepeach’s #peachtober list. So here’s a branch from one of my favourite trees - the European Larch.
Day 7 - Today’s prompt is ‘Bird’ from @inspiredbykriksis ‘s #calmtober.
I’ve gone with a Redwing, a beautiful migratory thrush that we are lucky to see in the UK in Autumn and Winter. They are often found in large flocks alongside Fieldfares and Blackbirds.
Day 8 - Today's prompt is Crow from @seasaltsketches #seasaltober #tinytober
Day 9 - I've chosen the prompt "Lily of the Valley" from @palepinkycat 's #planttober for today's inktober drawing.
Day 10 - Today’s prompt of “Candle” comes from @painterlypetal ‘s #petaltober #drawtober. So here’s a little trio of tea lights all with different scents and wax colours. I imagined the red one would smell like a mulled wine scent maybe? What do you think their scents should be?
Day 11 - A window into an Autumnal garden for today's prompt by @inspiredbykriksis 's #calmtober - Window.
Day 12A quick bouquet for today's #planttober prompt of Roses.
 Day 13Day 13's prompt for #calmtober - 'Forest'. 🌲
Day 14 - A little pattern inspired by raindrops falling on water for today's #petaltober2022 prompt of rain.
Day 15 - Mussel shells for today's #peachtober22 prompt of shell.
Day 16 - A cupcake for today’s #tinytober  #seasaltober prompt of “baking”. What flavour cupcake do you think it is?
Day 17 - Tea anyone? “Tea” was today’s prompt for #drawtober2022 by @littlelion.arts 
Day 18 - A wickedly rich hot chocolate topped with marshmellows, whipped cream and a chocolate flake for @melosprout ‘s #melotober22 prompt of “hot cocoa” .
 Day 19A hyacinth potted in a chunky glass jar for today's prompt of 'jar' by @seasaltsketches #tinytober #seasaltober
Day 20 - today's prompt of Moth comes from #seasaltober 's #tinytober . 
Day 21 - Rowan is today's #planttober prompt 🍃
Day 22 - A late Day 22 #melotober post for the prompt - Book.
Day 23 -  A trio of interesting keys for today's #seasalttober #tinytober prompt of 'key'.
Day 24 - Today's #melotober prompt is 'Home'. So here's a little Halloween time street scene 🎃.
Day 25 - A little puffin pattern for Day 25's #calmtober prompt of 'Pattern'.
Day 26 - Day 26's prompt for #peachtober is 'land'.
So here's a ploughed field hedged with autumnal trees against a sunrise sky with lots of seagulls looking for worms.
Day 27A pumpkin trio for the 'Pumpkin' prompt for Day 27 of #calmtober .
Day 28 - Today's #peachtober prompt is 'plant' . So here's a field full of seedlings.
Day 29 - I really enjoyed today's #peachtober prompt of 'whale'. I decided to choose a humpback whale with their lovely grumpy smiles ♥️.
Day 30 - Today's #peachtober prompt - Pet.
So here's a lovely copper collie with lots of freckles.
Day 31 - Day 31 and the last day of Inktober challenges for 2022, today's #planttober prompt is Elderberry.
Thank you for reading!
I’ve loved joining in with the various Inktober prompts this year, they have been lovely to work to each day.
Please go and look at all the wonderful designs created as part of 2022's Inktober by makers and artists across the globe, especially those drawn by the brilliant prompt list creators whose lists I've used this year.
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