A look at Daffodowndilly's 2022

2022 has been another year filled with uncertainties and ups and downs for everyone including Daffodowndilly. However there have been lots of positive moments too.

So here is how 2022 looked for Daffodowndilly.

Daffodowndilly's 2022 positives:

  • I finally got to meet up with some of the lovely people in my local Pedddle group, it was brilliant to get together and just chat and have fun after a couple of years of only talking online.
  • I had stalls at my first physical markets as Daffodowndilly and had a fantastic time at each of them.
  • Launched new product ranges - bag charm keyrings (which have gone on to be one of my best sellers this year), mini note writing paper sets and gift bags.
  • Launched new designs for notebooks, wooden pins, stickers, gift notes, phone wallpapers and writing paper.
  • Took part in two drawing challenge months - A month in Flowers created by @blackandtortie and Inktober. These gave me a much needed kick to create new designs and many of these went on to be used in new products/designs.
  • Moved into a new space - still got some decorating and organising to do but it is getting there.

 2022 Stats 


The top 5 product types sold this year were:

1. Notebooks

2. Envelope Stickers

3. Bag Charms

4. Greeting Cards

5. Gift Notes


Top 5 most popular individual products this year:

1. Collie wooden pin

2. Hedgehog/Great tit Bag charm keyrings

3. Quantum penguins notebook

4. Puffin bag charm keyring

5. Adélie penguin postcard

Most popular designs this year:

1. Adelie penguins
2. Collie
3. Great Tit
4. Hedgehog
5. Fossil beach / Goldfinches

Busiest month: November

Quietest month: March


New product ranges added in 2022:

Bag charm keyrings, gift bags, wooden charms and mini note writing sets


This data is compiled from my website shop, Folksy shop and the physical markets I sold at in November and December.

Thank you to everyone who has order, shared, commented, liked posts, sent messages and showed me kindness and love this year - wishing you all the very best 2023!

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