5 Ways to use envelope stickers

Becky Woolley

Since I first launched them in September 2020, the envelope stickers have been, to my continuing surprise, very popular.

When I thought up the idea initially and got the first samples back from the printers I thought they were very cute and hoped that some people would agree with me so took a gamble and went for the first two sets, each with 6 designs. You guys really liked those and new designs I came up with too and so I now have 14 different sets of envelope stickers and I love making and packing them up. So thank you for all your wonderful endless support and kindnesses!

So here are 5 ways I love to use envelope stickers:

1.  To stick over the seal of an envelope

A lovely way to add a little extra security and a pop of colour to a special envelope. There are designs with birds, plants, little messages or animals on them so there is bound to be a design that suits what you are sending. 


2. To decorate your laptop, phone or tablet

These mini stickers are a perfect size for sticking on your electronics and personalising them. I’ve used a coffee themed design and a oystercatcher one on my laptop and phone so far.


3. To slip into cards or letter as a little gift

The stickers are stamp sized and so are perfect to slip into letters and cards for stationery loving friends and family, they also make a sweet gift for children to use.


4. To brighten your journals or notebooks

 Perfectly sized for adding a pop of colour to your journals. There are loads of designs featuring positive or motivational messages too which make a lovely addition to a journal or notebook.


5. Use them to categorise your storage boxes or files

A simple and sweet way to mark different topics and keep everything organised.


These are just the ways I use the stickers, I’d love to hear any other ways you use your yours too. Thanks for reading!

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