3 Ways To Use Gift Notes!

My first blog post for a while but I thought I'd give you a little bit of background about my new gift notes as well as 3 ways you can use them.
I came up with the idea for the gift notes after being asked to write wonderful messages and letters to send with a little gift to people’s family and friends. I was writing these messages of love, support and joy on a plain piece of A6 luxury white writing paper. It was lovely paper but I thought it looked a bit boring and that such lovely messages needed some extra colourful paper instead. So the idea for Gift Notes was born!
 Bluetits gift note close up
Initially, I was just going to use them exclusively myself to send your messages but I thought that actually you might like them too so I’ve made them into packs of four. Some have four different designs per pack and some are four of the same design.
Each sheet is printed in England on a lovely thick 160gsm, premium 100% recycled bright white paper.

Here are 3 ways you can use your gift notes

1. They are perfect for adding a little message to your parcel if postage weight is an issue, as despite being a lovely thick 160gsm paper, they only weigh around 3 grams each sheet as opposed to a heavier greeting card and envelope. This means you can slip them into an envelope with perhaps a note about a newspaper clipping or photo you’re sending and still send as a normal letter rather than having to go to large letter size.

2. If a card is too much but you do want to send a little message or note with a parcel. Perfect for explaining about something you’re sending someone, a little message with a treat or for sharing your favourite moment in a book you’re lending to them and that they can then use as a bookmark. These are for those little notes that make all the difference to a parcel from a friend.


3. As a pretty and personalised equivalent to a stick-on mini gift tag that leaves glitter everywhere! They look lovely on a wrapped present (perhaps with a similar themed wrapping paper) and give you lots of room to write a message to the recipient without having to resort to tiny writing! I would love to see your in-use photos of the gift notes with your presents, I am always in awe of beautifully wrapped gifts!

 I also did a little reel on Instagram about the gift notes that you can watch here.

I’m sure you can come up with more but those 3 are my favourite ways to use them.

I thought I’d give you a little introduction to each set and the designs they contain.

They are all made from 100% recycled bright white 160gsm luxury paper and feel lovely to write on as well as receive. They are A6 size (10.5cm x 15cm) and all are original designs by myself, Becky Woolley - Daffodowndilly
 There are 7 different sets of gift notes:
Songbirdsa medley of 4 of my favourite songbirds - Bullfinches, Goldfinches, Bluetits and Long Tailed Tits. All with complementary colour schemes for the background and then a large bright white softly shaped space for your note. Four sheets, with one of each the bird designs.

Songbirds gift note set by daffodowndilly bluetits and long tailed tits
songbirds gift note set by daffodowndilly bullfinch
Waterbirds - A mix of 4 different water-loving birds - Puffin, Little Egret, Herring Gull and Adelie Penguin. Some with ocean-inspired waves and colours and others with a more simple background. Four sheets, with one of each the bird designs.

waterbirds gift note set by daffodowndilly puffin
waterbirds gift note set by daffodowndilly penguins
Houseplants - A ode to houseplants and featuring pilea peperomiodes (the Chinese money plant), a spotty haworthia and some bright red geraniums. This set contains 4 sheets of the same design.

Wildflowers - This set consists of two designs, the first is forget me nots and the second dandelions. A very cheerful set in a bright colour scheme and perfect for lovers of these "so called" weeds! This set will contain two sheets each of both designs.
Polar Bear - A very cute and cheerful polar bear, perfect for all-year-round animal lovers but especially for Christmas presents! This set contains four sheets of the same design.
Fossil Beach - Inspired by fossil hunting at Charmouth, this set consists of the same design with four different background colours - golden, coral, pale blue and deep blue. The design features ammonites, crinoids pieces and sea urchins. This set contains 4 sheets of the same design but with different background colours.
Botanical - A delicate dreamy mix of leaves, daisies and berries in coral, deep blue and pale blue. Four sheets - two sheets with beech leaves, oak leaves and berries, one sheet with daisies, oak leaves and berries and one sheet with oak leaves and berries.
Each of the sets are £2.80 and come packaged in a cello bag with a greyboard protective back to keep them flat. I've linked each product page to the set name if you'd like to have a browse.
Thank you for reading and I hope you love them as much as I do!
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