Wellbeing Weekly Planner


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I created this planner to help me keep track of my weekly wellbeing and to stop me forgetting to take my supplements! However, I also like the opportunity to write down the good bits in a week, exercise and even just planning my meals out for the week.

You can print this in whichever size is good for you, (A3 fridge size anyone) or laminate it to reuse, or even just use and annotate it on your phone or tablet.

This is a seven day planner starting on a Monday and is un-dated so it will work whenever you want to use it.

With this planner you can track/plan:

  • glasses of water
  • supplements
  • exercise
  • meals
  • gratitude diary
  • something good for the soul
  • meditations/mindfulness/affirmations

The Wellbeing Weekly Planner is a printable PDF Download.

When you buy this planner you will receive both an email link to download it as well as a link on the checkout page.

If you haven't received your link or download within 15 minutes then get in touch with me either through my contact page or via messenger and I'll see what's going on for you and/or send you the download.