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I made this collection to help plan out a maker's week and social media posts and help get it all in perspective. It is designed for all designers, makers, artists who want to make organising their week a little simpler.

I use the social media planners to first brain dump all the ideas I have for that weeks' posts and then plot them into days. This means I can regulate my time on social media and not fall into the trap of scrolling for hours (unless I actually want to!) I can plan it all in one morning instead.

Everybody plans their weeks differently so I have tried to create a range of planners, habit trackers and lists to make sure however you like to work there should be planners that are perfect for your style.

In this collection you will find:

  • The Maker's Weekly Planner - This planner lets you plan each day of the week into the different sections of your business such as planning/admin, emails/phone calls, product/design work, packing/posting, social media/blog/networking and also to make sure you fit in enough time for friends and soul food.
  • Social Media Brain Dump Sheet - This sheet is split into platforms so you can tailor your content to your favourite social media platforms.
  • Social Media Planner -  Once you have put all your ideas for the week down on the brain dump sheet, you can now plot them into your weekly planner.
  • The Maker's Habit Tracker - I find habit trackers really useful and use them for so many things. I also added some little planning boxes below so you can track both your business habits and plan at the same time.
  • The Maker's Daily List - I make lists all the time and find this form of planning really useful. I added sections such as: to do today, priorities, to order/organise, to do tomorrow, to do this week and things to write down before I forget (obviously the most important!)

The Maker's Planner Collection is a printable PDF Download.

When you buy this planner collection you will receive both an email link to download it as well as a link on the checkout page.

If you haven't received your link or download within 15 minutes then get in touch with me either through my contact page or via messenger and I'll see what's going on for you and/or send you the download.