Leaf Identification - Pink Positivity Postcard

Leaf Identification - Pink Positivity Postcard


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I love leaf shapes and their beautiful variety, so I created a little leaf identification card.

The design features 9 leaves from our most common tree species - Holly, Oak, Beech, Common Lime, Field Maple, Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut, Rowan and Silver Birch.

An original hand-drawn design by Becky Woolley - Daffodowndilly

I created these A6 size positivity postcards for you to pin up on your message boards, give to friends or stick on your fridge.
Each postcard has a positive message or image and has been hand-drawn by me, Becky AKA Daffodowndilly, in Shropshire and printed on a gorgeous matt finish 330-350 gsm paperweight luxury postcard in the UK.