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Freckle Blessed 38mm Vinyl Sticker

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For those who love their Freckles!

For years we have been told that freckles were a bad thing and that clear unfreckled skin was always better. However, more and more people are throwing off that outdated thinking and embracing the beauty in being freckly, especially since the Duchess of Sussex chose to wear makeup that showed her beautiful natural freckles.

During my early teens, I felt self-conscious about my freckly face and wished for the unblemished clear skin that many of my friends had. It was only when one of them said how much they wished they had my freckles that I started to embrace them and that you just have to learn to love the body you have! 

An original hand-drawn design by Becky Woolley - Daffodowndilly

Gorgeously thick and shiny 38mm (3.8cm or 1.49 inches) round vinyl stickers, hand-designed by Daffodowndilly in Shropshire and printed in the UK.

Designed for brightening up your journals, laptops, phones or books.